Our thought provoking family games creates climate change awareness and related disasters within the family milieu whereby individuals learn the science, causes, impacts and adaptation to climate risks and how they can build resilience from them.

Status: completed pending distribution


Residat is a disaster risk reduction and management app profiling environmental and climate related disasters for different regions in Cameroon. It makes available modelled climate risks for various regions in Cameroon and helps communities and stakeholders through a step-by-step guide on acting on initiatives that builds community climate resilience. It is intended to serve as a reference for obtaining data to address climate risk in Cameroon and possible beyond.

Status: ideation phase pending development

Environmental consulting

Our team constitutes group of experts using cutting edge technology to model climate risks (floods, droughts, landslides, climate related health epidemics). We are involved in collection and analysis of spatial and fieldwork data to assess flood risk by modelling flood scenarios, estimating exposure and impact on critical infrastructure (roads, hospitals, schools etc) and evaluating the economic (agriculture, property, etc) and social cost (human lives, health) that are possible for different flood event models. We will develop comprehensive data tools for disaster vulnerable communities beginning from awareness creation to response and recovery. we are also at the center of helping companies with data insights that help transition their businesses blue through unrivalled environmental consulting.

Status: under development.

Map and Rank Trainings

We offer a wide range of trainings around entrepreneurship, drone and data, and climate change as such, adding a touch of advantage for youths with or without existing skills to advance in their career or use their new gain skills to address pressing environmental challenges through entrepreneurship.

Status: Ongoing


We address the rising informality in urban workforce in Cameroon through our quarter-bonds scheme. We use GIS to constantly visualise changing workforce and drivers of informality in the urban areas. Using drone imagery we are able to develop specific urban designs that accommodate and fosters the working conditions of workers. Special bonds are issued for these urban designs and a unique social platform brokers micro investment through bonds for informal sector workers into the designated projects run by government or trusted private entities. Returns on their investment is used to secure health insurance coverage for informal sector workers.

Status: Ideation pending development

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Our rank-the city app gives you real time performance of your neighbourhoods based on several determined factors. we rank your neighbourhood in terms of environmental suitability, water and sanitation facilities, waste disposal and much more. We give monthly guidelines that will help you boost the rankings of your neighbourhood.

Status: Ideation pending development

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