What We Do

Climate Rebuild

With our Climate Rebuild platform, we bring unparalleled climate knowledge to core populations while developing community centric data tools to respond to the climate risk factor.  Through analyses of data gotten from drone, satellite and fieldwork surveys, we interpret it into tools that serve as a blue print for disaster risk reduction and enhance environmental protection. We provide data that enhances a community driven approach to addressing natural disasters of climate change from awareness through adaptation and mitigation to response and recovery.   We are here to assist communities across a wide geographical scope to better adapt to changing climatic conditions and to take up actions that build climate resilience.

Climate Entrepreneurship

Many hands are needed to face the current greatest ecological challenge of our time –climate change. Just like us, we want to impact young leaders with climate knowledge and put them at the edge of innovation to see the climate crisis as an opportunity of doing things differently and doing them entrepreneurially. We offer trainings most suitable for our local context on green businesses empowering young persons with skills to take on the environmental crisis and create jobs for themselves and others.

Environmental consulting

We have extreme value for quality of our natural environment and trust you care as well. Whether for the public sector or for the industry, we are here to help you embed environmental sustainability in your growth strategy. We are committed to assist you adopt technology, concepts and principles of environmental consciousness and transition your business blue.


Our Rank-the-city platform classify localities within the urban space based on their environmental suitability. Using drone data analytics, we evaluate the environmental suitability of specific locations using several pre-determent factors and how locations compare to each other. Through this ranking, we raise environmental consciousness helping stakeholders and residents alike with data meant to improve and make their localities more environmentally competitive.


The rapid expansion of cities in sub-Saharan Africa has come at a price; rising informal sector with appalling working conditions of workers. This has fanned great inequalities as well as a great deal of urban disorder. This platform uses drone data and GIS to identify major sectors and drivers of informality in urban workforce and provides a unique platform with checklist for users (informal sector workers) to adhere to and improve their working conditions. The platform brokers mass micro investment opportunities between government, trusted partners versus informal sector workers in part to offer them savings and investment opportunities, and the returns on their invested bonds used to cover for their health insurance.