About us

We are proud to stand out as a trusted partner shaping the future of our ecosystem through unrivaled data-to-insights outputs. We put technology and expertise at the center of our work to deliver exciting clues on making the climate agenda inclusive and participative. Our data has an impact in shaping urban ecosystems and driving climate risk resilience, helping millions of people to lead safer, healthy and prosperous lives.


We believe in the promise of Africa where communities across the continent thrive economically and socially in sustainable environmental spaces. We care about the ravaging effects of climate change in our communities and we are ready to take up the challenge to make a difference.

Our Key Values

Our core values can better be explained by three “C”s.

  • Compassionate: We care and that is why we act! We are at forefront, diligently synthesizing data that will help you adopt vigorous actions to address safe and dignified living conditions. Together, let’s make Africa a better place.


  • Courageous: “Collectively, the environment is ours to take and its ours to keep”. We understand this huge responsibility and we are ever ready to play our part. We are daring, are outgoing and we are ready to face the challenge.


  • Committed: We step up and own the socio and environmental problems plaguing our cities and rural communities alike. Through our expertise, we are committed to exemplify leadership by providing insights that builds community resilience to the pressing ecological challenges of our time.