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    Location data has the potential to enhance efficiencies in all kinds of ways. Bringing this touch into the climate response sector has far-reaching benefits for frontline stakeholders. We are developing a location-based approach for climate data generation and hosting that will put frontline communities at the lamplight of climate information access.

    Developed to full capacity,  RESIDAT will profile the climatic risk of the 374 districts of Cameroon. For subscribers, this will be the one-stop point for accessing location-related climate information while arming frontline community-based stakeholders with insights for addressing their sectorial climatic impact challenges.

    Environmental Games

    Vulnerable communities struggling to comprehend drivers of climate change/climate variability are served with customized board games to enhance their understanding of climate change and local climate risk. These games are used to pass vital climate change knowledge to both formally educated and non-educated populations.

    This is intended to create awareness and understanding of climate change and its disasters within families, schools and friends whereby players learn the science, causes, impacts and possible clues for solutions to climate-related hazards exclusively through visuals. These games are very competitive and fun-filled and will serve as a blueprint for enhancing climate change literacy in underserved populations.

    Environmental consulting

    We provide tailored support to businesses, local government structures and organisations of all kind that want to improve their local climate impacts. Our team of experience consultants has varied expertise to provide you with efficient tech, business and professional insights to help you lower your carbon footprints and maximise positive environmental impacts.

    We demonstrate leadership in natural disaster risk reduction and management, environmental impact assessment, carbon impact assessment, GIS services and mapping. Many frontline climate-impacted or oriented organizations are increasing betting on our services and growing team as a veritable partner for driving forward their sectorial climate objectives.