We build your dream

    Timely, reliable, locally sourced data

    Informing risks recommendations for climate impacts and emergency alerts for climate hazards.

    Driving frontline climate change literacy

    Building grassroots understanding and participation in climate change response.

    Inclusive technologies

    Helping frontline communities adapt to climate impacts through technology and data

    Profiling local climate risks

    Collaborative data generation process with local inputs from frontline stakeholders


    Map&Rank’s prime mission is to deliver data and tools that addresses knowledge divide in climate change data interpretation and comprehension helping vulnerable communities to take up a participative approach in addressing pressing ecological and socioeconomic challenges affecting their livelihoods.


    To bring about radical change in local community climate change adaptation and response through provision of insightful climate change data to local stakeholders in Cameroon and to sustain a strong tempo for community education and alertness on climate change and its associated hazards through digitized and non-digitized products.

    • Compassionate

      We care and that is why we act! We are at forefront, diligently generating and synthesising data that addresses safe and dignified living conditions.

    • Committed

      we are committed to exemplify leadership by providing insights that builds community resilience to the pressing ecological challenges of our time.

    • Courageous

      We are daring, outgoing and ready to bring simple solutions for complex problems; offsetting the usual status quo and bringing about radical change in local climate response.